A few things you need 

to know...

I am not a morning person. The AM routine calls for the percolator immediately placed on the stove with all kinds of yummy vanilla coconut milk steaming alongside frothing into creamy goodness. And please don't talk to me until I'm finished.

I'm mildly obsessed with blankets. We probably have close to 40 blankets in our house and I am constantly on Pottery Barn looking for more. I can't help it. But I guess if you're cold, I've got you covered! (Pun... intended?)

I love to cook. Not just, here's your dinner thrown together, but to create a menu and design the flavors and the plating so they are a harmonious pairing for your eyes and your mouth. I love to cook so much that, fun fact, I was on a cooking show with Gordon Ramsay! (And we won our episode, y'all!)

I believe in dancing every single chance you get. This life is short. If you frequent my publix, you may have seen me tangoing with my four year old throughout the aisles picking out what is fresh and colorful for dinner. Or if you could peek through our blinds, you'd probably witness my husband and I slow dancing in the kitchen only to be interrupted by tiny feet running in to join. And with every sway, twirl and dip, my mind goes back to high school. Where my husband and I danced for the first time to the song that would become, unbeknownst to us, our wedding song. The twinkle in his eye is still the same, but the smile lines around them have grown deeper and they tell our story. From every tiny kitchen we have danced in to the home we have created today, these little movements are a sign of the love that I know and that I come home to everyday.


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