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Sundays with Sage


Sundays with Sage - Week 33

Sage finally started sleeping again! So slowly, toward the end of the week, we all began to gain our energy back. On Thursday night, we attended an essential oils party and I was given a sample of a relaxing blend with lavender in it. Willing to try anything, I gave Sage an essential oil massage. Since then, she's been sleeping like a champ! Next week, there will surely be more exciting happenings because we will have the energy to do so! :) We've been "potty training" Sage these last couple months and she is doing great!


On Thursday, we had our playdate with Sage's friends. And Sage totally rocked out.




Sage loves putting on our clothes... she walks around saying "Walking in Daddy's shoes!"


Sage came on a site visit with me and helped me decide on some great ideas for photos at our wedding on Saturday. She may be on her way to being hired as my assistant!




Have a great week everyone!!!!







Sundays with Sage - Week 32

September_2014_1060 This was a rough week. After the clown incident at the Princess Party, Sage has barely been sleeping. Alex and I were both running on around 6 hours of completely interrupted sleep all week. Alex slept on Sage's floor more than one night while I got up early with her to allow Alex time to sleep/nap before he went on the night shift. Oye! These are the weeks you aren't prepared for as a parent. If anyone has advice on how to calm fears and ease nightmares, I'm open to all and any suggestions! It was a little better last night, but she still woke up way before she usually does and didn't want to go back to sleep. All that being said, I didn't take many photos. I spent more time drinking coffee and trying to stay alert and fun than I did behind the lens.

Last Sunday, we met Alex's parents for coffee and then went on a walk. Sage was being ESPECIALLY goofy that night.








We spent one evening at my parents' house. Sage loves her Steve puppy.


Sage is very independent. She enjoys dressing herself (as seen last week), and putting on her own pull-ups... even if her feet go through only one of the holes. She was extremely proud of herself and wore this look for approximately 3 hours. So, it works!


And this is how Alex spent most nights this week:


Happy Sunday, everyone! Prayers for a restful week for ALL!







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Sundays with Sage - Week 31

September_2014_0826 I really was surprised when I went through the photos this week to realize how few I had taken. It was a rainy week where we spent much of our time indoors. We had our weekly playdate and went to MyGym, but I left the camera at home again. I spent a lot of the week out of the house with meetings and shoots and Sage spent LOTS of time with her daddy this week - which is wonderful.

On Sunday, my sister Mandy threw her best friend a going away party at Players Grille. It was such a beautiful New York/Kate Spade theme. I particularly love Nikki's surprised face!






Sage loves playing on my bed.





On Saturday, we went to a Princess Party. When I asked Sage which princess she wanted to be, she said Elmo. So, here she is - Princess Elmo!






I dressed up as Princess Cookie Monster!



And one of the birthday girls REALLY enjoyed her cake!




Happy Sunday, everyone!





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Sundays with (Crazy) Sage - Week 29 and 30

September_2014_0437Often times, people will ask me about Sage. How she is doing, what she is like, etc. My answer is typically, "She's crazy." I always get a funny look when I respond like that and am usually asked for an explanation. The problem I have is that I have SO many explanations. She's just crazy. She has one speed - running... well, more like hopping and skipping and fluttering all at the same time.

She is constantly making the silliest faces (some of which are pictured below.)

And she has the most creativity of any not even two year old I've ever met. Example: the other day we were at the store. She stood under a clothing rack and said, "Mommy, Boat!" Then she pointed at the ground around the rack and said, "Water!" Then she jumped out the boat and swam to me.

The other day, she wore her bunny ears from Easter to two different stores.

Again I say, she's crazy. Amazingly, wonderfully, and wholly crazy.

This is one of her new favorite games... to "dress" herself.


Last Tuesday we went to story time at the library. Sage got especially excited when she saw the frog... she also taught all of the other kids there a new word, I'm sure.




Sage tried to drink my coffee.




Crazy Hair Chronicles took a whole new form:




Sage was a good little mommy and fed her baby blueberries. And then let her talk to Grandma on my cell phone.





She went to her friend's birthday party on Sunday and LOVED playing with the new toys.



We went out to lunch with Grandma and Sage played with her new princess babies. I have no idea why they are in a cage, though.






And then she was the coolest kid in the world.



Sage got this awesome sidewalk chalk as her party favor from the birthday party. It's all edible and completely natural, so if your little one takes a bite out of it, no worries! Thankfully, she didn't, but it was good to have that peace of mind. We had fun, she got silly, and eyes grew on the back of her head.










Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope your week is just as crazy as Sage.






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Sundays with Sage - Week 28

Sage had quite the eventful week this week! Pool days, crazy hair days and meeting her brand new cousin! Last Sunday, we went to Mandy and Randy's pool to play! Sage had a blast! She has been swimming so well all summer.







Sage had some of the craziest hair she has had.. and she wears it well!



September_2014_0030-RecoveredSage and daddy got a little silly...


September_2014_0046-RecoveredAnd at some point... Sage suddenly wasn't a baby anymore...

September_2014_0085But then, Baby Ryland was born. And Sage, Alex and I all waited patiently to meet him. I was so impressed with Sage's patience.

September_2014_0116-EditAnd when we saw Ryland, we all fell in love. Head over heels in love.





















Sundays with Sage - Week 27

August_2014_1900-Edit_ This week was a busy week. Constantly running around from MyGym, play dates, yoga, and a multitude of errands. I'm pretty sure Sage's social calendar is busier than mine has ever been.

On Wednesday we got together with these two cuties.


I told Sage to make a cute face and this is what we got...


And by some miracle, these three played together all at the same time!


We signed Sage up for MyGym this week. And She LOVES it. I was hoping to find something with structure for her, and this has been perfect so far. She's thrived at the two classes we've been to so far and I can't wait to watch her grow!









Alex also taught her the tomahawk chop! She did much better with it for this game than she did back in January!





Hope everyone has an awesome week!! Enjoy your labor day! See you next Sunday.




Sundays with Sage - Week 26

August_2014_1636 Most days this week, I put the camera down. Sage, Alex and I lived in the moment. We went to the playground, the pool, and had playdates with her friends. And I barely took out the camera. In fact, the only time I took the camera with me when we left the house was for Sage's Aunt Mimi's birthday party. It was lovely to just enjoy her and watch her through the eyes of a mother instead of the eyes of a photographer. This week's Sundays with Sage is full of the little moments. The little moments that make me beam with happiness at my Sageypants - full of personality! I started yoga one week ago today as a part of my 101 in 1001 list. Sage has been doing yoga, too! In fact, she shows me up with her strength and flexibility every time I come home from a class! (I save face on the balance exercises though)

Sage will be attending a Princess Party in a few weeks! And we started buying her accessories! I think she's excited!

I painted her nails for the first time. I couldn't BELIEVE how still she sat for me! And when I finished all 10 fingers and all 10 toes, she wanted to do more!

And last night was Aunt Mimi's 30th birthday party. Sage was the only kid there. The theme was "Throwback Thirty." We planned it to be like a kids party! There was pin the tail on the donkey, a piñata, and Mandy's cake was made just like many birthday cakes she had as a child! Everyone had a blast - especially during the water balloon fight!


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Sundays with Sage - Week 25

Sage had an awesome week. My car however, took the brunt of that week! In one weeks time, I drove to St. Augustine 6 times and Palm Coast once. I think we may be including an oil change in week 26... Sage came with me to St. Augustine twice and we visited my family down in Palm Coast. This meant lots of beach and pool time for Sage!

On Tuesday, we went down to St. Augustine to drop off a permit application. Sage checked out the fish in the pond at The Lightner Museum and splashed in the puddle out front! I don't think even a litter of puppies could have made her much happier than that fountain did!

Afterwards, I changed her soaking wet dress and we met Alex for lunch at work. We stopped by a food truck and Sage LOVED visiting daddy during the day!

Then Sage took an epic nap:


On Thursday, we met my family for paddle boarding in Anastasia State Park. Sage and I are pros!!

On Friday, we headed back out to the beach! This time, Bentley joined us!

After that, Sage sported the first edition of "Crazy Beach Hair Chronicles"

We went back to the beach with Daddy that night!

Then we went to the pool to give Sage a little time to practice her swimming.

Sage was being extra silly...

And the sunset on Friday night was positively STUNNING!


Hope everyone has an amazing week!!

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Sundays with Sage - Week 24

August_2014_0748 Sage had another fun week! Last Sunday, she met with her friend, Gigi, to go swimming at their community pool. I'm always amazed how, despite the almost 2 year age difference, Gigi and Sage play so well together! Look at how sweet they are sharing a stroller!


Then they went swimming! Sage took lessons this summer and LOVES the water and swimming on her own! I can't believe how grown up she is!

After the pool, Sage and Gigi played dress up at Gigi's house.

On Monday, we Sage met with her friend, Logan at the zoo! Her favorite animal there (besides the Komodo Dragon, which we didn't see this time) was the giraffe. Her least favorite is the elephant. They played together in the new splash park they have there! Sage skipped from fountain to fountain enjoying her day!

On Wednesday, we had another playdate with these silly babes.

And Sage and Logan shared a Romeo and Juliet on the balcony moment:



Sage has been very independent lately. She wants to pick out all of her own clothes and even dress herself. This is the result:

Friday morning, Sage took her babies to the playground! She's such a good mommy. She pushed them in the swing and let them slide down the slide. She even learned how to climb up the slide all by herself!

I'm excited to see what this next week brings! Happy Sunday, everyone!



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Sundays with Sage - Week 23

August_2014_0110 I love adore Sundays with Sage. I love when people I haven't seen in years and years and years tell me Sundays with Sage is one of the best parts of their week. I love taking those 10 minutes it takes to edit the pictures because it makes me relive the magic of her smiles and think back to the way she laughing with all of her belly. The other day I went back to Week 1 and saw just how much of a tiny baby she was when I first started this project. She's changed so much since then. Ever since beginning this project, Sundays have had a new kind of pressure to them. "Easy like Sunday morning" does not begin to describe our day anymore. Instead of enjoying Sage in the moment, I have been feeling pressure to deliver a product on my blog. I'm watching her on Sunday through the lens, coaxing her into a smile that she honestly sometimes does not want to give. And that's okay. She shouldn't have to just because Mom is a photographer. We all have our bad days, and if hers falls on a Sunday, I need to be respecting that! Which brings me to....

This week, on my personal Facebook page, I announced that there would be a change in format on Sundays with Sage. To reduce the pressure I was feeling on Sundays and give Sage a break from forced photography. SO - the new Sundays with Sage with chronicle all of our adventures from the previous week and will be posted on Sundays! I'm excited about the change and the way it is evolving. Since making this change, I've already felt more relaxed in photographing Sage, and subsequently, she has been, too! I'm excited to share all of our silly stories each Sunday! Enjoy!

On Monday, we had a playdate with these three cuties.

And I made a smoothie that apparently made Sage go bonkers:

On Wednesday, I made a WaterPark in our backyard to beat the heat! And Sage reminded me to splash water in face and laugh all my troubles off.

I FINALLY painted her little table to be chalkboard paint on top. I haven't spray painted the bottom or the chairs, yet, but we used the table to start learning her shapes! She does great with square, heart, diamond, rectangle, circle, and triangle!

Later in the week, I caught Sage double fisting... Don't ask me where she learned this...


She got braided pigtails for the first time!

I took the single greatest photo I have EVER taken:



We went to the playground in our neighborhood on Friday night. After playing a little while, Sage made friends with an 8 year old girl and they played together for a long time!

And on Saturday night, we went over my parents' house for my mom's birthday. Sage was especially silly that night. She makes me smile, even when she tries to get me to stop talking! :)

So - there it is! Our first "weekly" update! Have a silly Sunday, everyone!



Sundays with Sage - Week 22

Yesterday, we took some belly pictures for my sister-in-law, Allie. She's due with her baby boy September 12th!! But more on that in her maternity blog post later this week. We decided to get the whole family together and do a few family pictures. Here are a couple of my favorites!



Sundays with Sage - Week 21

July_2014_724 This past Sunday I spent running around to church, meetings and birthday parties. Sage spent the day with her daddy and grandma and grandpa. I joined them just in time for bubbles in the driveway. These grins and giggles were amazing and the perfect cap to my Sunday!!



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Sundays with Sage - Week 19

July_2014_163-Edit Sunday night was our first night sleeping in the new house. Which meant Sunday day was spent moving all of our belongings in. Sage spent the whole day with her Aunt Mimi and her Grandma, so I don't have any photos of the many fun things she did with them - swimming, playing in the water, coloring, running around outside, playing with the dogs, cooking in her toy kitchen... But I do have these moments - sound asleep with her piglets in her brand new room.


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Sundays with Sage - Week 18 (Aunt Allie's Baby Shower)

Allie_Baby_Shower_361 This past weekend, we threw my sister-in-law a nautical themed baby shower in our new house!

Sage had so much fun with everyone! There was even a baby there for her to "help" take care of :)

We made Allie some super cute onesies - here are two of my favorites!Allie_Baby_Shower_186And of course, there were tons of other adorable gifts!

I felt Ryland kick! (Okay, that has nothing to do with Sage, but it was very exciting for me!)


And Allie looks amazing pregnant!


After everyone left, we had our own silly fun time... including taking the toilet paper off the roll...



Sundays with Sage - Week 17

June_2014_0489 I cannot believe I am SO late on Sundays with Sage this week. 4 months in and this is the first time I've lapped a Sunday! More information on WHY that happened will be up within the next couple days! (We renovated the downstairs to our new house!!! Wooo!!)

In the meantime, my sister, Mandy, and her husband, Randy, built a home! We went over last Sunday to visit and have dinner. And Sage LOVES their house. Here's a little about her visit!

She went in every closet. And sat there.


She reprogrammed their TV for them.


She jumped all over their water bed.


She adopted their puppy statue. And kissed it. A lot.




Then, things got a little silly.



She climbed the furniture.


This happened:


And then this:


And finally - In a digital world where it is so easy to hit the "delete" button on any photo of your kid not grinning from ear to ear, I fell in love with this photo:






Sundays with Sage - Week 16

June_2014_0317 Yesterday was Father's Day. Sage and I are so blessed to have Alex in our lives. These two constantly have me laughing. Sage must have known something was up yesterday because she just kept giving her daddy kisses. Happy Father's Day, Alex! Thank you for constantly being the most incredible daddy I could have ever imagined for Sage!



Sundays with Sage - Week 14

May_2014_1885-Edit Alex was playing around with our new Really Right Stuff tripod this weekend. Sage saw the camera set up, went up to it and, with a HUGE grin on her face, said, "cheese!" She may think now that she has free reign over all of the cameras in the house... which is slightly terrifying... but it was so stinking cute it's just a consequence we'll have to live with.

And I'm obsessed and already picking out which of these photos I want blown up on a canvas for our office.



Sundays with Sage - Week 13

May_2014_1547 This week we toyed with the idea of theming our Sundays with Sage around Memorial Day. Determined to teach her the true meaning behind this three day weekend as she grows up, we gave her an American flag and she waved it and even kissed it... up until I lifted the camera, then she wanted nothing to do with it anymore. Then she smelled some flowers and if she could have, I'm sure she would have said, "okay, mom, I'm done taking pictures today." But my true joy from this past Sunday isn't pictured. After we went on our little family walk to take some pictures, we came home, turned on Pandora, and danced around the kitchen as a family of three. And I thought to myself as I watched my husband and my daughter twirl around the room together, this is freedom, and it is beautiful.