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Sundays with Sage - Week 54

I have been meaning to share Sage's first trip to see snow for a few weeks and I just keep getting distracted! We went to Washington last month and visited Mount Baker. Sage loved the snow - at first - until she got cold. But we had so much fun sledding and spending the day together.



Sundays with Sage - Week 53

We just got back from our 13 day trip! Sage was quite the trooper as we dragged her around on this not very kid centered trip. We were sure to make time for her, though! Between the Santa Monica Pier to playing in the snow (pictures from those coming soon!) we spent some time at our favorite beach in Malibu - El Matador Beach. More to come from this trip in the next few weeks!! Happy New Year! PS, I'm going to try to make my New Years Resolution to post Sundays with Sage more often. We'll see how that works out :)


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Sundays with Sage - Week 52

A few weeks ago, we went up to Asheville, NC to attend a friend's wedding. While there, we decided to go apple picking! We had SO much fun. In the midst of it, I got completely emotional (because I'm always emotional... have you SEEN me during the father/daughter dances at weddings???). I felt so blessed to be surrounded by these two amazing people and a bounty of fresh food that we could bring home with us. I'm grateful to be fortunate to watch my hard work pay off and, along with my wonderful husband, be able to provide for our family. Every year at this time, my blessings are brought further to light by a fundraiser my father began 5 years ago to purchase turkeys to donate to the Salvation Army for families in need. In these 5 years, he has raised enough money to donate turkeys to 1,132 families. $30 will provide turkeys to two families in need in the Jacksonville area and makes a difference in the lives of these families. I'm sharing this in hopes that you will give whatever it is you can - be it prayers, money, positive thoughts, or great juju. It's all appreciated. You can contact me if you would like to donate. Thanks so much for your consideration!

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Summertime with the Smith's

Two months ago I attended Julie Paisley's Cottage Workshop and something I never expected to happen happened. I fell in love. Giggly, giddy, head over heels in love. I was inspired. Inspired to shoot film. My stomach fills with butterflies, my eyes light up whenever I get my images back from the lab. I feel refreshed and renewed. I purchased a medium format film camera and my love turned into infatuation. I didn't know I could be so happy. I've always loved my job, but I feel like a burst of fresh air has been allowed into my images. I'm so thankful to Julie for helping me make this jump.

Sage and I baked blueberry muffins with a lemon glaze on them a couple weeks ago, and while they tasted fantastic, it was really just an excuse to finish off a roll of Fuji400. Here's the recipe. (I added a tiny bit of Lemon Extract to the glaze)

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.



Mother's Day Sundays with Sage

2015_Flower_Field_0091 I've been sitting on these flower field photos for a week and a half and couldn't share until a few Mother's Day gifts had been passed out. I am so grateful to be the mother to a little girl full of so much spirit, love, and personality. She amazes me with her kindness and silliness on a daily basis.

Here are two of my favorite flower field quotes that almost perfectly sum her up:

1) (After losing one of her shoes) That's okay, maybe Prince Charming will find it.

2) (After losing her OTHER shoe) I like the dirt on my feet.



(Easter) Sundays with Sage - Week 48

Easter2015_003 Easter was last Sunday. It was a gorgeous day surrounded by family. This is my holiday to host every year and I LOVE having all the family at our house, gathered around, celebrating! Sage loved it, too! I mean, the Easter Bunny stopped by and everything!

The Thursday before Easter, we went to an Easter egg hunt. Unbeknownst to me, Sage was on day one of a yucky virus consisting of fever and a rash. So, these were the only pictures I was able to get before she broke down a little bit. :(

On Saturday, we dyed eggs for the first time. She loved this!!

And on Saturday evening, Sage left a snack out for E.B. She picked out his beverage and decided what the note should say all by herself.

On Sunday, Sage woke up to find her Easter basket! Holidays are getting more and more fun!

We spent the afternoon surrounded by our loved ones. It was perfect.

Happy Spring, everyone!



Sundays with Sage - Week 47

March_2015_1282 This week's Sundays with Sage comes a day late because yesterday my sister made a very special announcement!! Bowties or Bows??? Prince or Princess?? Bubba or Bubbalicious?? Boy or Girl?? I wanted to give her time to share her news before I SHOUTED that I have a NIECE on the way!! :D :D :D And of course, Sage gets another cousin. I love our growing family!


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Sundays with Sage - Week 46

March_2015_0719 It was another Disney week at the Smith house. Okay, it was another Disney half day, but these passes have been wonderful. Actually, yesterday Sage said to me "Can we go to Disney tomorrow?" and then when I said no, she cried. But guys, we can't go to Disney every day. Or every week. There's people waiting on their pictures!! (PS, the blog is going to be so pretty this week!!!!!)

We went to Winter Park for an engagement shoot and got to spend the evening with these amazing folks!!


And I fell in LOVE with this tree. Can anyone tell me if Jacksonville's hardiness zone can support this gorgeous yellow gem??



We went to Disney Hollywood Studios or MGM or whatever it's going to be called for the first time with Sage. (It's actually the park that Alex and I started dating in 9 years and one week ago, so it has it's sentimental value for us!)



Sage met Pluto and Daisy Duck!


My favorite tree was in bloom all around - so I demanded many pictures.


Hollywood Studios is my favorite park for photo ops. Next time we are there we will take advantage of it more, but as I've mentioned before, it's more important for us to just enjoy our time there than to watch the day unfold through a lens.




After last Fourth of July, Sage was not a fan of fireworks. I'm so glad Disney has changed that!!


And, thanks for some very careful planning, we met Anna and Elsa without having to wait in line for too too long!! Sage was sure to tell Anna, "Hang in there, Joan!"


Until next time, Disney.




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Sundays with Sage - Week 45

March_2015_0551 "I'm too busy"

I LOVE Sage quotes. This girl constantly has us laughing with the stuff she comes up with. A few of my favorites: "I need to poop. I need to make room for my french fries." or "I NEED to be a princess, mommy" or when she kissed a boy in the store and yelled to me, "I kissed him! I don't even know his name. Just like Snow White!"

But things are about to get real in today's Sundays with Sage. This week, Sage and I were painting together. I finally sat down with a brush after protesting, "let me finish cleaning out the microwave. I'm sweeping, baby. If I clean the kitchen now, it means we can play together later." She asked me to paint her a butterfly, and I immediately obliged. Once I finally sit down, I'll give in to just about any request. I asked her if she in return would paint me a butterfly.

Her response: "I can't. I'm too busy, mommy."

This broke my heart. I've never said these exact words to her, but on a daily basis I am projecting this idea onto her. That I am too busy. I understand that she needs time to play by herself. And she does that - she's the best at that. So, when she comes to me and says, "come play with me, mommy" it means she's done entertaining herself. And it's my turn to show her that we shouldn't stop playing make believe even when we get older. I need to teach her how to dance like no one is watching and to not care how loud or out of tune we yell the words to "Let it Go" or "All About That Bass" (which is a new one she just started singing along to in the car... heehee!) But if I am "too busy" to teach her these things, no one will.

I try so hard to set aside time for her each day, but it's more about setting aside time according to her clock and her schedule, not what is convenient for me.

This week, we went on a walk with her baby doll. The attention she gives her babies makes me think, maybe I am doing something right ;)

She's spent about the last 72 hours in a princess dress. No joke. Even at bedtime. (Last night my mom was able to coax her out of the dress and into a Frozen shirt, at least.)

And here is the moment my eyes were opened and my view of time changed.

So excuse me, guys. There's a little girl in a Belle dress that I need to go dance with.

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Sundays with Sage - Week ??

March_2015_0348-Edit As promised in Thursday's post, Sundays with Sage is back! But it's also being posted while I was out of town and when I lost an hour of sleep, so I have no idea what week this technically is... maybe by next Sunday I will have it figured out. :)

This week was full of fun for Sage. Spending two weekends in a row out of town for work really makes you try to make the time you get to spend together count!

As usual, she was especially silly. And learned a new silly face (second picture).



We spent Wednesday at the beach. It was our first awesome sunny day in a while! I can't wait for more days like this.







"Mommy, I pick a flower for you."



We went to a park to take a pregnancy announcement photo for my sister (EEK!!! I'm so excited this is now public!!! Can't wait for the Dean baby to be born in September!) And sage spent some time taking care of Bentley for them.


Then, before we had to leave for this trip. Sage tried to eat me. Maybe if she consumes me I won't go??





I'm pretty stinkin' happy to be back, guys.




Sundays with Sage - Disney 1 Year Anniversary Edition!!!

So, it has been wayy too long since I have posted a Sundays with Sage. And for that I am sorry. But, to make up for it, I'm posting on a Thursday, one day after the 1 year anniversary of when I started Sundays with Sage. Here's a little recap of our first three trips to Disney. If you're reading this blog looking for some photographs of the landscape, architecture, or parades of Disney, you're not going to find that here. We thought about taking pictures of all those things on our vacation, but every moment we would spend focusing on the way the light hit the flowers or the best angle to photograph Cinderella's castle, we wouldn't be on vacation anymore. We wouldn't be watching Disney through the eyes of a child, our child, anymore. We'd be working. Instead, what you will see is a short compilation of the joy in Sage's face as she meets Mickey, her cheesing it up after getting a kiss on the forehead from Mulan and the wonder in her eyes as she rides a flying elephant for the first time. To me, this is what the happiest place on earth is truly about.

Prior to our first trip, I created a chain link countdown to the morning we would leave. Every day, she woke up and took off a link. She lined up all her stuffed animals on the stairs (well, not all of them, I don't think we have enough stairs to fit them ALL).

On our first day, Sage met some characters. She was unsure of them, but as you'll see on our second trip, she got over that!

That night, we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and were upgraded to a Savannah view room. If you ever get the chance to do this, DO IT! It was so fun to wake up in the morning to the animals right outside our hotel room. When we went inside to get ready for our second day in the park, Sage called out to them, "Goodbye, animals! I love you!"

We went to Animal Kingdom that day. Sage LOVED meeting Pocahontas. I was amazed at how well she took to her. Learning how to say, hello, or "Wingapo."

Our second trip we took in January. We went to Downtown Disney the first night and met an old friend, Ashley. It was awesome to see how much Sage had changed in the two months since we came the first time. She wanted to pose in front of anything and everything!

The next day, we went to Magic Kingdom again and were able to fast pass meeting Cinderella and Rapunzel. She loved driving the car, meeting Jasmine and Aladdin (but not Genie!) and taking in all of the sites.

She met Princess Tiana that day, too. I overheard her asking where the frog was. When I asked her afterwards how Tiana responded Sage said, "She kissed the frog and it was icky."

The next day, we went to Epcot. That is the place to meet characters, guys! I was so impressed with how she met all of the masked characters with such ease this time around. I spent our trip in November bribing her to smile for the camera!

And finally, on our last trip, we met her gamma and Uncle Michael there. There aren't as many photos from this trip because we were simply enjoying our time together. And it was COLD!

Thank you all for one year of amazing Sage memories. I'll see you all again this Sunday!



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Sundays with Sage - Week 40, 41 and 42

December_2014_0069 We have been SO busy! I decided to take a little break from Sundays with Sage. I didn't take a break from taking pictures, but we needed some time to focus on this busy season. But Sage has been so much fun during this Christmas season so far. She helped me pick out a snowman for our front door and since then, she has wanted to take a picture with it all the time! Constantly grabbing it and saying "cheese!"

We picked out a tree a few weeks ago. Sage had a great time finding the perfect one for our house!

Then Sage helped decorate it. She untangled all the lights:

And then hung the ornaments with care. (Maybe not enough care because she did break a few in the process)

We also had a holiday party with our friends!

Then it was Sage's birthday this past Thursday! I started the day with filling her crib with balloons. (Thanks, Elena for the idea!) And she just squealed, "Thank you, Mommy!"

Then on Friday, we had all our family over for a birthday dinner. Sage was such a blast! She opened her gifts with excitement.

And then blew out her own candles on her beautiful Frozen cake that her Grandma made for her!

Then Sage had a dance party with her new CD player with Disney songs! This girl did not stop dancing until we made her!! Disney sing-a-long = a must have at all birthday parties from here on out!

Such a fun couple weeks! I can't wait to spend Christmas week with her and her amazing excitement!

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Sundays with Sage - Week 39

I took a little break from posting Sundays with Sage last week because we were in Disney!! I'll have a post from that trip up in a few days (I took the week off from blogging) but the week before Disney we had a great week! I turned around for literally a minute and Sage "helped" me unload the groceries.




Later in the week, she helped me make muffins. I have the cutest sous chef ever!




Then we went over Sage's friends house and Sage had a blast in the backyard!




And finally, on Saturday night, we got to meet Uncle Connor's new puppy! I think they love each other!



We had a great week! Can't wait to share our Disney trip!!



Sundays with Sage - Week 38

November_2014_0505This week was a great week of LOTS of fun at home! While I was out on a shoot on Sunday, Alex and Sage built a tower block! So thankful he took these pictures!



Sage's hair says it all in this shot!


Alex and I bought Lloyd, the ghost, during our first married Halloween. He's been a staple in our house ever since. This Halloween, however, Sage was a little frightened of our family ghost. This week, she warmed up to him and has been bringing him around the house to play with her.




She wakes up with many faces.






We also did some fun fall art!




On Friday, Sage went to her cousin Ryland's house. She's the sweetest!





Have a great week, everyone!



Sundays with Sage - Week 37

November_2014_0181 First of all, I don't know what's "Sunday" about this blog anymore, but I'll come up with it...

This week, Sage attended TWO birthday parties! Her social calendar is busier than mine!

The first birthday party was at Tommy's Pumpkin Patch. Sage had SO much fun. First, she fed the animals at the petting zoo there. She had so much fun. And, besides a goat that began eating my sweater, I had so much fun watching her.


November_2014_0030Then, she went down the big slide. About 7 times. At least.

November_2014_0051She went down the little slide by herself. That wasn't as successful. ;)

November_2014_0083Sage and Logan had a photo-op!


All the kids went on the cow cars and I was so impressed but how much Sage loved it!



November_2014_0104Miss Elena and Sage matched!!


At the second birthday party, Sage had a milk shake!  It was adorable and Frozen themed!


And Ella's cake was perfect.




Sage waited for Ella to open her presents so patiently. It's crazy to watch her grow into such a little lady.



What a FUN week! I think we are done with the birthday party season for a little while.

Have a wonderful week!














Sundays with Snow White - Week 36

October_2014_1013 What a fun Halloween week! Sage stayed SO busy and had a blast with all the activities.

On Tuesday we had Sage's friends over to paint pumpkins. The kids had SO much fun!

We lost power on Thursday evening. Sage had so much fun playing with the flashlight. And I had so much fun viewing a power outage from the eyes of an almost two year old.

We started our Disney countdown! Every morning, Sage has been waking up asking if today was the day we were heading to Disney. So, we made a countdown for her!


Friday night was Halloween. Sage dressed up as Snow White in a BEAUTIFUL costume my sister made for her. Alex's mom made Alex an awesome Prince Charming costume and he looked quite authentic!

After doing a few pictures, we went trick-or-treating. Sage did great knocking on the doors. When people didn't come right away, she looked back at us asking "I don't know home!" We had so much fun!





Sundays with Sage - Week 35

October_2014_0499This week was filled with time with friends! (Actually, next week will be, too!!) PLUS! We made progress on the "pushing" problem we've been having. Sage is starting to use her words "moomies" (excuse me) when someone is in her way instead of going straight to pushing while we are trying to validate and praise that decision as much as possible! On Thursday, we met Sage's friends at the pumpkin patch. Sage will not be Belle for halloween, but my sister made her this gorgeous costume for her birthday last year and we wanted her to get some more wear out of it! AND she let us put her hair up but only because it was Belle hair.


















On Friday, we brought my grandmother dinner. Sweet hugs ensued.


And on Saturday, we went to Logan's 1st birthday party! Sage pretty much loves anywhere that has balloons!









Sundays with Sage - Week 34

Gouge_Family_012 This past week was crazy crazy! Two weddings, three family shoots, one cake smash, one engagement shoot and two client meetings! It's busy season, everyone! Sage was AWESOME through it all, though! She helped me out at The Gouge family shoot and at Logan's cake smash. She even assisted me at a meeting at Starbucks and was on her best behavior throwing things in the garbage as she saw fit. I didn't have my camera with me every time, but when I did, she was, of course, adorable.

We did the Gouge Family photos at Treaty Oak at the beginning of the week. My sister came to help wrangle her. Sage did her best to not photobomb the family!

Sage helped me get set up for Logan's cake smashing. She even brought her own camera.

Sage and mommy try to be especially silly during my downtime. It's the best part of these crazy weeks!