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30 Day Blog Challenge


Christa ♥ Yinka - Beach Engagement

There is something so magical to me about this engagement shoot. It may be the way the fog falls off into nothing, the way the rain glows, or the way Christa's pink dress dances in the wind. But I'm certain part of it is the way Christa and Yinka's love draws you into their story and their joy. Congratulations, Christa and Yinka!



101 in 1001 - Rainy Day Engagement Photography

It wasn't a rainy day, it was a rainy night. When things don't go quite as planned and spring comes with showers, you get what you asked for months and months ago - a chance to play in the rain. Can't wait to share more from this beauty rainy chilly evening next week!! Christa_Yinka_Engagement_199-Edit




The last four weeks have been a complete blur of amazing busy. And it's why, 6 days into my 30 day blog challenge, I have already missed a day. Even the best intentions are sometimes thwarted by 4 trips in 4 weeks. And, sometimes, you feel you need to focus on the clients, the pending email exchanges, a few album designs and taxes before you can post about your 4 trips in 4 weeks - only one of which was a personal excursion. SO, if you are waiting on photos from me, they are coming, SO soon! During this time, I also read an amazing article about the current connotation of the word busy. Check it out here.

My whirlwind month isn't even close to being finished. (It's wedding season here in Florida!) But since it began, I've noticed three things that I just haven't been able to shake off and they all relate to that word - "busy".

1) I'll tell people I am busy, and they DON'T respond with the sympathetic head nod or the agreement that YES! LIFE IS CRAZY! Instead, people have been saying, "YES, but that's good!" My immediate reaction is to be slightly offended by this new connotation of the word busy. I know it is good, in fact, I know it is wonderful to be busy. I've prayed for busy from the first moment I picked up a camera. I love juggling a camera, a 2 year old and a life. Instead, thanks to that article posted above, (here it is again, guys, read it!) I have begun to describe things as full. To me, busy is a whirlwind, it's full, it's crazy, it's fast paced, it's learning to stop and breathe, it's learning to run when Sage says run, it's learning to slow down to listen to what Sage has to say, but speeding up when a Saturday wedding calls for it.

2) I'll forget to text someone back or trip over my words and they say, "That's okay, I can tell you've been busy, lately." It isn't just lately. Sure, my facebook page and my blog have seen a little more action lately. That's true. I've been all over Florida and Southeastern Georgia spending my time with some of the most wonderful people I've had the privilege to meet and photograph. But my busy started long ago. From the second Alex and I sat down and said, yes, Cailin, focus on the business. Make this full time and make this work. Throw every spare moment and each last drop of energy each night into making this something worthwhile - worth having. Busy doesn't just happen. Busy is cultivated and created. Busy is a blessing that comes with hard work, not giving up, and saying this is it. For better or worse. I'm all in this.

3) Sage told me she was too busy the other day. But I've already posted my thoughts on that here.

Here's my busy, my fullness, and my blessings from this past month!

Trip #1 - Disney with my parents and brother. Watching Sage with Grandma made taking one day off worth every moment.


Trip #2 - Florida Keys to photograph this incredible wedding. Alex and I then spent an evening in Key West, because, well, we were already down there! :)



Trip #3 - Savannah for this amazing and fun engagement shoot followed by a stop off in St. Simons Island for a beachy bike shoot. We don't even have any photos of us from this trip. Just this selfie.



And late last night, we completed Trip #4 - To Winter Park and Disney for an awesome engagement shoot that will be on the blog later this week. Shira, the girl I used to babysit came with us on the shoot to shadow me. It was so fun to shoot with her and I hope it's not the last time! We pulled in our driveway right around 3 in the morning, but spending that special time during busy season with Sage is SO worth being on my third cup of coffee already today.




Keep your lives and hearts full, everyone.




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Sundays with Sage - Week 45

March_2015_0551 "I'm too busy"

I LOVE Sage quotes. This girl constantly has us laughing with the stuff she comes up with. A few of my favorites: "I need to poop. I need to make room for my french fries." or "I NEED to be a princess, mommy" or when she kissed a boy in the store and yelled to me, "I kissed him! I don't even know his name. Just like Snow White!"

But things are about to get real in today's Sundays with Sage. This week, Sage and I were painting together. I finally sat down with a brush after protesting, "let me finish cleaning out the microwave. I'm sweeping, baby. If I clean the kitchen now, it means we can play together later." She asked me to paint her a butterfly, and I immediately obliged. Once I finally sit down, I'll give in to just about any request. I asked her if she in return would paint me a butterfly.

Her response: "I can't. I'm too busy, mommy."

This broke my heart. I've never said these exact words to her, but on a daily basis I am projecting this idea onto her. That I am too busy. I understand that she needs time to play by herself. And she does that - she's the best at that. So, when she comes to me and says, "come play with me, mommy" it means she's done entertaining herself. And it's my turn to show her that we shouldn't stop playing make believe even when we get older. I need to teach her how to dance like no one is watching and to not care how loud or out of tune we yell the words to "Let it Go" or "All About That Bass" (which is a new one she just started singing along to in the car... heehee!) But if I am "too busy" to teach her these things, no one will.

I try so hard to set aside time for her each day, but it's more about setting aside time according to her clock and her schedule, not what is convenient for me.

This week, we went on a walk with her baby doll. The attention she gives her babies makes me think, maybe I am doing something right ;)

She's spent about the last 72 hours in a princess dress. No joke. Even at bedtime. (Last night my mom was able to coax her out of the dress and into a Frozen shirt, at least.)

And here is the moment my eyes were opened and my view of time changed.

So excuse me, guys. There's a little girl in a Belle dress that I need to go dance with.

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Lauren ♥ Jesse - Savannah Engagement

EEK! Savannah is the perfect place for an engagement shoot. Especially with these two. After getting engaged there exactly 3 months ago, we headed back up for a lovely afternoon. These two had me laughing the entire time. They are perfect together - each the ideal balance for the other. I loved to watch them and be near this affection and appreciation for one another.



30 Day Blog Challenge

January_2015_0017 I was reading through my list of 101 in 1001 recently and noticed I have completed a TON of things on this list, but have not updated on ANY of it. SO, from now until Wednesday, April 8th, I will blog every day except for Saturdays. I started yesterday with this post about the AMAZING Kilwin's Ice Cream 5K. Oh goodness! Here we go. :) Day 2, check!

Also, the adorable picture of Sage has nothing to do with this post, but studies show a post with pictures will generate more traffic.




2015 Kilwins Ice Cream Run Benefitting Clarke Schools

Every year I wake up on the morning of the Kilwins Ice Cream 5k benefitting Clarke Schools and am reminded of why I love my job. The smile on these kids faces is what makes everything worth it! So glad to have been a part of this event for the third year in a row. Check out photos from last year HERE!