A few weeks ago, we went up to Asheville, NC to attend a friend's wedding. While there, we decided to go apple picking! We had SO much fun. In the midst of it, I got completely emotional (because I'm always emotional... have you SEEN me during the father/daughter dances at weddings???). I felt so blessed to be surrounded by these two amazing people and a bounty of fresh food that we could bring home with us. I'm grateful to be fortunate to watch my hard work pay off and, along with my wonderful husband, be able to provide for our family. Every year at this time, my blessings are brought further to light by a fundraiser my father began 5 years ago to purchase turkeys to donate to the Salvation Army for families in need. In these 5 years, he has raised enough money to donate turkeys to 1,132 families. $30 will provide turkeys to two families in need in the Jacksonville area and makes a difference in the lives of these families. I'm sharing this in hopes that you will give whatever it is you can - be it prayers, money, positive thoughts, or great juju. It's all appreciated. You can contact me if you would like to donate. Thanks so much for your consideration!

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