2014_03_30_March_2014_1161 Some Sundays I am met with perfect conditions for a Sundays with Sage - beautiful light, a great theme and a girl strapped in a high chair so she can't run away from me. Other Sundays are like today. Wind mixed with bubbles, a girl who can't keep her focus and a dog that keeps photobombing you. These are the days I thank the Lord that Sage is so cute just about every picture is adorable. Even on the Sundays like today where no matter how many bubbles we blew in her face she just did not care to smile.

It's also my birthday on Tuesday. We went over my parents to celebrate. Sage helped me open presents (for as long as it kept her interest) and tried to play with the abundant fire on my birthday cake. Especially on the Sundays like today, I am blessed.