March_2015_0719 It was another Disney week at the Smith house. Okay, it was another Disney half day, but these passes have been wonderful. Actually, yesterday Sage said to me "Can we go to Disney tomorrow?" and then when I said no, she cried. But guys, we can't go to Disney every day. Or every week. There's people waiting on their pictures!! (PS, the blog is going to be so pretty this week!!!!!)

We went to Winter Park for an engagement shoot and got to spend the evening with these amazing folks!!


And I fell in LOVE with this tree. Can anyone tell me if Jacksonville's hardiness zone can support this gorgeous yellow gem??



We went to Disney Hollywood Studios or MGM or whatever it's going to be called for the first time with Sage. (It's actually the park that Alex and I started dating in 9 years and one week ago, so it has it's sentimental value for us!)



Sage met Pluto and Daisy Duck!


My favorite tree was in bloom all around - so I demanded many pictures.


Hollywood Studios is my favorite park for photo ops. Next time we are there we will take advantage of it more, but as I've mentioned before, it's more important for us to just enjoy our time there than to watch the day unfold through a lens.




After last Fourth of July, Sage was not a fan of fireworks. I'm so glad Disney has changed that!!


And, thanks for some very careful planning, we met Anna and Elsa without having to wait in line for too too long!! Sage was sure to tell Anna, "Hang in there, Joan!"


Until next time, Disney.




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