March_2015_0551 "I'm too busy"

I LOVE Sage quotes. This girl constantly has us laughing with the stuff she comes up with. A few of my favorites: "I need to poop. I need to make room for my french fries." or "I NEED to be a princess, mommy" or when she kissed a boy in the store and yelled to me, "I kissed him! I don't even know his name. Just like Snow White!"

But things are about to get real in today's Sundays with Sage. This week, Sage and I were painting together. I finally sat down with a brush after protesting, "let me finish cleaning out the microwave. I'm sweeping, baby. If I clean the kitchen now, it means we can play together later." She asked me to paint her a butterfly, and I immediately obliged. Once I finally sit down, I'll give in to just about any request. I asked her if she in return would paint me a butterfly.

Her response: "I can't. I'm too busy, mommy."

This broke my heart. I've never said these exact words to her, but on a daily basis I am projecting this idea onto her. That I am too busy. I understand that she needs time to play by herself. And she does that - she's the best at that. So, when she comes to me and says, "come play with me, mommy" it means she's done entertaining herself. And it's my turn to show her that we shouldn't stop playing make believe even when we get older. I need to teach her how to dance like no one is watching and to not care how loud or out of tune we yell the words to "Let it Go" or "All About That Bass" (which is a new one she just started singing along to in the car... heehee!) But if I am "too busy" to teach her these things, no one will.

I try so hard to set aside time for her each day, but it's more about setting aside time according to her clock and her schedule, not what is convenient for me.

This week, we went on a walk with her baby doll. The attention she gives her babies makes me think, maybe I am doing something right ;)

She's spent about the last 72 hours in a princess dress. No joke. Even at bedtime. (Last night my mom was able to coax her out of the dress and into a Frozen shirt, at least.)

And here is the moment my eyes were opened and my view of time changed.

So excuse me, guys. There's a little girl in a Belle dress that I need to go dance with.

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