December_2014_0069 We have been SO busy! I decided to take a little break from Sundays with Sage. I didn't take a break from taking pictures, but we needed some time to focus on this busy season. But Sage has been so much fun during this Christmas season so far. She helped me pick out a snowman for our front door and since then, she has wanted to take a picture with it all the time! Constantly grabbing it and saying "cheese!"

We picked out a tree a few weeks ago. Sage had a great time finding the perfect one for our house!

Then Sage helped decorate it. She untangled all the lights:

And then hung the ornaments with care. (Maybe not enough care because she did break a few in the process)

We also had a holiday party with our friends!

Then it was Sage's birthday this past Thursday! I started the day with filling her crib with balloons. (Thanks, Elena for the idea!) And she just squealed, "Thank you, Mommy!"

Then on Friday, we had all our family over for a birthday dinner. Sage was such a blast! She opened her gifts with excitement.

And then blew out her own candles on her beautiful Frozen cake that her Grandma made for her!

Then Sage had a dance party with her new CD player with Disney songs! This girl did not stop dancing until we made her!! Disney sing-a-long = a must have at all birthday parties from here on out!

Such a fun couple weeks! I can't wait to spend Christmas week with her and her amazing excitement!

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