October_2014_1013 What a fun Halloween week! Sage stayed SO busy and had a blast with all the activities.

On Tuesday we had Sage's friends over to paint pumpkins. The kids had SO much fun!

We lost power on Thursday evening. Sage had so much fun playing with the flashlight. And I had so much fun viewing a power outage from the eyes of an almost two year old.

We started our Disney countdown! Every morning, Sage has been waking up asking if today was the day we were heading to Disney. So, we made a countdown for her!


Friday night was Halloween. Sage dressed up as Snow White in a BEAUTIFUL costume my sister made for her. Alex's mom made Alex an awesome Prince Charming costume and he looked quite authentic!

After doing a few pictures, we went trick-or-treating. Sage did great knocking on the doors. When people didn't come right away, she looked back at us asking "I don't know home!" We had so much fun!