September_2014_1060 This was a rough week. After the clown incident at the Princess Party, Sage has barely been sleeping. Alex and I were both running on around 6 hours of completely interrupted sleep all week. Alex slept on Sage's floor more than one night while I got up early with her to allow Alex time to sleep/nap before he went on the night shift. Oye! These are the weeks you aren't prepared for as a parent. If anyone has advice on how to calm fears and ease nightmares, I'm open to all and any suggestions! It was a little better last night, but she still woke up way before she usually does and didn't want to go back to sleep. All that being said, I didn't take many photos. I spent more time drinking coffee and trying to stay alert and fun than I did behind the lens.

Last Sunday, we met Alex's parents for coffee and then went on a walk. Sage was being ESPECIALLY goofy that night.








We spent one evening at my parents' house. Sage loves her Steve puppy.


Sage is very independent. She enjoys dressing herself (as seen last week), and putting on her own pull-ups... even if her feet go through only one of the holes. She was extremely proud of herself and wore this look for approximately 3 hours. So, it works!


And this is how Alex spent most nights this week:


Happy Sunday, everyone! Prayers for a restful week for ALL!