August_2014_1636 Most days this week, I put the camera down. Sage, Alex and I lived in the moment. We went to the playground, the pool, and had playdates with her friends. And I barely took out the camera. In fact, the only time I took the camera with me when we left the house was for Sage's Aunt Mimi's birthday party. It was lovely to just enjoy her and watch her through the eyes of a mother instead of the eyes of a photographer. This week's Sundays with Sage is full of the little moments. The little moments that make me beam with happiness at my Sageypants - full of personality! I started yoga one week ago today as a part of my 101 in 1001 list. Sage has been doing yoga, too! In fact, she shows me up with her strength and flexibility every time I come home from a class! (I save face on the balance exercises though)

Sage will be attending a Princess Party in a few weeks! And we started buying her accessories! I think she's excited!

I painted her nails for the first time. I couldn't BELIEVE how still she sat for me! And when I finished all 10 fingers and all 10 toes, she wanted to do more!

And last night was Aunt Mimi's 30th birthday party. Sage was the only kid there. The theme was "Throwback Thirty." We planned it to be like a kids party! There was pin the tail on the donkey, a piñata, and Mandy's cake was made just like many birthday cakes she had as a child! Everyone had a blast - especially during the water balloon fight!