Sage had an awesome week. My car however, took the brunt of that week! In one weeks time, I drove to St. Augustine 6 times and Palm Coast once. I think we may be including an oil change in week 26... Sage came with me to St. Augustine twice and we visited my family down in Palm Coast. This meant lots of beach and pool time for Sage!

On Tuesday, we went down to St. Augustine to drop off a permit application. Sage checked out the fish in the pond at The Lightner Museum and splashed in the puddle out front! I don't think even a litter of puppies could have made her much happier than that fountain did!

Afterwards, I changed her soaking wet dress and we met Alex for lunch at work. We stopped by a food truck and Sage LOVED visiting daddy during the day!

Then Sage took an epic nap:


On Thursday, we met my family for paddle boarding in Anastasia State Park. Sage and I are pros!!

On Friday, we headed back out to the beach! This time, Bentley joined us!

After that, Sage sported the first edition of "Crazy Beach Hair Chronicles"

We went back to the beach with Daddy that night!

Then we went to the pool to give Sage a little time to practice her swimming.

Sage was being extra silly...

And the sunset on Friday night was positively STUNNING!


Hope everyone has an amazing week!!

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