August_2014_0748 Sage had another fun week! Last Sunday, she met with her friend, Gigi, to go swimming at their community pool. I'm always amazed how, despite the almost 2 year age difference, Gigi and Sage play so well together! Look at how sweet they are sharing a stroller!


Then they went swimming! Sage took lessons this summer and LOVES the water and swimming on her own! I can't believe how grown up she is!

After the pool, Sage and Gigi played dress up at Gigi's house.

On Monday, we Sage met with her friend, Logan at the zoo! Her favorite animal there (besides the Komodo Dragon, which we didn't see this time) was the giraffe. Her least favorite is the elephant. They played together in the new splash park they have there! Sage skipped from fountain to fountain enjoying her day!

On Wednesday, we had another playdate with these silly babes.

And Sage and Logan shared a Romeo and Juliet on the balcony moment:



Sage has been very independent lately. She wants to pick out all of her own clothes and even dress herself. This is the result:

Friday morning, Sage took her babies to the playground! She's such a good mommy. She pushed them in the swing and let them slide down the slide. She even learned how to climb up the slide all by herself!

I'm excited to see what this next week brings! Happy Sunday, everyone!



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