August_2014_0110 I love adore Sundays with Sage. I love when people I haven't seen in years and years and years tell me Sundays with Sage is one of the best parts of their week. I love taking those 10 minutes it takes to edit the pictures because it makes me relive the magic of her smiles and think back to the way she laughing with all of her belly. The other day I went back to Week 1 and saw just how much of a tiny baby she was when I first started this project. She's changed so much since then. Ever since beginning this project, Sundays have had a new kind of pressure to them. "Easy like Sunday morning" does not begin to describe our day anymore. Instead of enjoying Sage in the moment, I have been feeling pressure to deliver a product on my blog. I'm watching her on Sunday through the lens, coaxing her into a smile that she honestly sometimes does not want to give. And that's okay. She shouldn't have to just because Mom is a photographer. We all have our bad days, and if hers falls on a Sunday, I need to be respecting that! Which brings me to....

This week, on my personal Facebook page, I announced that there would be a change in format on Sundays with Sage. To reduce the pressure I was feeling on Sundays and give Sage a break from forced photography. SO - the new Sundays with Sage with chronicle all of our adventures from the previous week and will be posted on Sundays! I'm excited about the change and the way it is evolving. Since making this change, I've already felt more relaxed in photographing Sage, and subsequently, she has been, too! I'm excited to share all of our silly stories each Sunday! Enjoy!

On Monday, we had a playdate with these three cuties.

And I made a smoothie that apparently made Sage go bonkers:

On Wednesday, I made a WaterPark in our backyard to beat the heat! And Sage reminded me to splash water in face and laugh all my troubles off.

I FINALLY painted her little table to be chalkboard paint on top. I haven't spray painted the bottom or the chairs, yet, but we used the table to start learning her shapes! She does great with square, heart, diamond, rectangle, circle, and triangle!

Later in the week, I caught Sage double fisting... Don't ask me where she learned this...


She got braided pigtails for the first time!

I took the single greatest photo I have EVER taken:



We went to the playground in our neighborhood on Friday night. After playing a little while, Sage made friends with an 8 year old girl and they played together for a long time!

And on Saturday night, we went over my parents' house for my mom's birthday. Sage was especially silly that night. She makes me smile, even when she tries to get me to stop talking! :)

So - there it is! Our first "weekly" update! Have a silly Sunday, everyone!