So, it has been wayy too long since I have posted a Sundays with Sage. And for that I am sorry. But, to make up for it, I'm posting on a Thursday, one day after the 1 year anniversary of when I started Sundays with Sage. Here's a little recap of our first three trips to Disney. If you're reading this blog looking for some photographs of the landscape, architecture, or parades of Disney, you're not going to find that here. We thought about taking pictures of all those things on our vacation, but every moment we would spend focusing on the way the light hit the flowers or the best angle to photograph Cinderella's castle, we wouldn't be on vacation anymore. We wouldn't be watching Disney through the eyes of a child, our child, anymore. We'd be working. Instead, what you will see is a short compilation of the joy in Sage's face as she meets Mickey, her cheesing it up after getting a kiss on the forehead from Mulan and the wonder in her eyes as she rides a flying elephant for the first time. To me, this is what the happiest place on earth is truly about.

Prior to our first trip, I created a chain link countdown to the morning we would leave. Every day, she woke up and took off a link. She lined up all her stuffed animals on the stairs (well, not all of them, I don't think we have enough stairs to fit them ALL).

On our first day, Sage met some characters. She was unsure of them, but as you'll see on our second trip, she got over that!

That night, we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and were upgraded to a Savannah view room. If you ever get the chance to do this, DO IT! It was so fun to wake up in the morning to the animals right outside our hotel room. When we went inside to get ready for our second day in the park, Sage called out to them, "Goodbye, animals! I love you!"

We went to Animal Kingdom that day. Sage LOVED meeting Pocahontas. I was amazed at how well she took to her. Learning how to say, hello, or "Wingapo."

Our second trip we took in January. We went to Downtown Disney the first night and met an old friend, Ashley. It was awesome to see how much Sage had changed in the two months since we came the first time. She wanted to pose in front of anything and everything!

The next day, we went to Magic Kingdom again and were able to fast pass meeting Cinderella and Rapunzel. She loved driving the car, meeting Jasmine and Aladdin (but not Genie!) and taking in all of the sites.

She met Princess Tiana that day, too. I overheard her asking where the frog was. When I asked her afterwards how Tiana responded Sage said, "She kissed the frog and it was icky."

The next day, we went to Epcot. That is the place to meet characters, guys! I was so impressed with how she met all of the masked characters with such ease this time around. I spent our trip in November bribing her to smile for the camera!

And finally, on our last trip, we met her gamma and Uncle Michael there. There aren't as many photos from this trip because we were simply enjoying our time together. And it was COLD!

Thank you all for one year of amazing Sage memories. I'll see you all again this Sunday!