Greg first reached out to me to capture his proposal to Sarah over a month ago. Given Sarah's love for lighthouses, he knew he would be proposing on the sunset tour at the top of the lighthouse. After a few phone calls discussing logistics, Alex and I could not wait for Sunday to arrive! (I'm sure we were slightly less excited than, Greg was, however!) When Sunday evening finally arrived, we climbed the stairs of the lighthouse with the threat of thunderstorms in the distance. When we reached the top it was as though every dark cloud had completely dissipated, leaving us with the most beautiful view of a Florida sunset and the rise of the super moon. Greg and Sarah - my prayer for you both is that this is representative of your marriage together. The thunderstorms of marriage will always threaten you - that is a given. But when it comes time to make it through and begin the long and exhausting climb, I pray that you two will be greeted by an even more beautiful love when you reach the top! Check out part 2 of the engagement shoot!