Congratulations, Amrote and Sean! I really had so much fun spending the day with these two. I could not believe when I saw the entire wedding put together that they were able to accomplish planning it all the way from Africa! I am so happy to have been a part of this couple's wedding and marriage. The Ribault Club is a perfect backdrop for a gorgeous wedding. Shea Hopely did a gorgeous job on the flowers and on each detail.

Sean's dad performed the ceremony and it was so sweet and beautiful. I loved the looks Sean kept sneaking Amrote. Each glance was full of love and true adoration. I mean, could they be any more excited to be married??

We took portraits while the sun set and they enjoyed glasses of wine and many kisses.

The reception was SO FUN and I don't think there was a moment where someone wasn't dancing.


Embrace together. Embrace the moment.



Florist: Shea Hopely Flowers

Cake: Sweet 'n' Flour

DJ: DJ Steadman

Hair and Make-up: Kimtasha