Sage and I are on a mission. A mission to find the very best doughnuts in Jacksonville. Why? Well, because, why not?! 

We began our journey with research. Asking our friends where they think is best, googling and going off of where we've eaten before. We also decided we needed a control. At each doughnut place we will order one glazed doughnut and each get something that interests us. 


So this past Wednesday, we headed out to Good Dough. We ordered our three doughnuts while we drooled over the case. We've been there before and one thing I LOVE about Good Dough is that you can get there 2 hours before they close, like we did, and they still have an amazing selection of doughnuts. We aren't morning people, so that's pretty key for us. 


We got one glazed doughnut to share. Sage ordered a "Birthday Cake" doughnut and I ordered a "blueberry cake" doughnut. I had this vision that I would be able to take these beautiful photos of the doughnuts before they were consumed, but my kids wanted to dive right into these gorgeous, mouthwatering treats. So, this is the best I got. 


I will give Good Dough that, the doughnuts are beautiful. Not exactly as pictured on their website (this is me being super picky because when I looked ahead at the website, the cookie monster doughnut had big chunks of chocolate chip cookies and I really wanted that, but not chunks in the store), but beautiful. And you eat with your eyes, first, so score for Good Dough! 


Sage had about 3 bites of hers and then asked for a cheese burger. See, Good Dough is quite sweet, even for a five year old. Leo, however, had no problems. We ordered 2 cheeseburgers to share (not pictured because WOAH! Those are messy!!) They were good, yet under seasoned. 

Our general feelings were that Good Dough is just that, Good. But we've never bitten into one and said "Wow, this is the best doughnut I've ever had!" So the search continues.