This morning was the second annual Kilwins Ice Cream 5K benefitting Clarke Schools. There are three really awesome things about this run: 1) You get free ice cream after the run! And the winner of the run gets free ice cream for a year! Now that is awesome. You can also dress up like ice cream and get entered into a drawing to win free ice cream for a year. So, if you aren't a runner, there's your ticket to the sweet stuff!

2) It benefits Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech. What this school does for children born deaf and hard of hearing is truly amazing. They actually teach kids with hearing disabilities to speak and listen!

3) The children. These kids are so neat. They can all hear. They can all speak. They can all listen. And they are all normal children. Before the run they were chasing each other, playing tag, and able to hear each other's giggles.

and bonus 4) I get to come take pictures of these kids for the school. I love it.