2014_03_06_March_2014_054 I was recently inspired to start a blog series entitled "101 in 1001" at a photography workshop I went to. MJ2Day, the workshop, was filled with ideas to better your business and ways to implement them. One of those ideas was to personalize my blog. I speak through my photography. I try to bring my personality to each shoot (and many couples can attest to that!) so it is time to bring my personality to my blog!

So... here it goes! 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days...


Beginning: March 7th, 2014

Ending: December 2nd, 2016



1) Rename and Rebrand (That's right! Name change coming soon!!!)

2) Put together and shoot stylized shoot.

3) Promo video for business

4) Order album samples for outdoor wedding

5) Order album samples for indoor wedding

6) Buy new laptop

7) Organize office files

8) Brand boudoir photography

9) Get published in a print publication

10) Get published in an online publication

11) Develop referral gift

12) Develop vendor gift

13) Develop new client kit

14) Book out of state wedding

15) Launch new website

16) Systemize post production workflow

17) Develop inquiry spreadsheet

18) Systemize tax documents

19) Replace image delivery with thumbdrives

20) Create ideal client profile

21) Move image catalog to network storage

22) Sign up for Two Bright Lights

23) Shoot a beach wedding

24) Attend Imaging USA

25) Incorporate albums into packaging

26) Start setting up email sheets at receptions

27) Start a monthly newsletter

28) Create packaging for new brand

29) Buy backdrop stand

30) Update portfolio structure

31) Create a new way to write shot lists for each shoot

32) Get better at natural posing for couples

33) Get better at posing large groups

34) Learn to shoot with stars in background

35) Shoot a wedding with remote camera

36) Do a rainy day engagement shoot

37) Master getting settings right straight out of camera

38) Sell 24-70 and replace with new prime

39) Come up with date night for clients

40) Create newborn board book for lifestyle portraits



41) Travel to Napa

42) Take Sage to Disney

43) Visit LA

44) Get Kari to visit us!

45) Go to FSU football game in 2014

46) Visit 2 new states

47) Be a tourist in St. Augustine or Fernandina Beach



48) Take a cooking class with Sage

49) Get Sage's 1 year quilt made

50) Go to Disney on Ice

51) Create a book wall

52) Write a bimonthly letter to Sage

53) Sign Sage up for swimming lessons

54) Sign Sage up for tumbling



55) Go to comedy show

56) Take a cooking class with Alex

57) FINALLY do a Trash the Dress shoot

58) Have another baby?????

59) Dave Ramsey budget

60) Go to Jags game

61) See 10 movies in theaters (I know it doesn't seem like a lot in 1001 days... but really we've seen Brave and Wolf of Wall Street since Summer 2012...)

62) Complete personal photography project

63) Explore 15 new parks in Florida

64) See 5 local theatre shows

65) Watch the Breaking Bad series

66) Buy year passes to the zoo

67) Eat the Krispy Kreme burger

68) BUY A HOUSE!!!!!

69) Go berry picking

70) Have someone else take our family photos

71) Buy bikes (And use them!)

72) Fly a kite

73) Make a yearly album of family portraits

74) Actually paint our bedroom



75) Take the grandmas lunch and enjoy their company

76) Leave a gift on a friend's doorstep

77) Go to painting with a twist with Elena

78) Host 2 dinners a month with friends

79) Find friends to travel with and travel with them



80) Participate in March of Dimes

81) Buy a gift on a random wedding registry

82) Habitat for Humanity

83) Get involved at church



84) Have a yoga routine for 1 month

85) Meatless Monday for 1 month

86) Clean eat for 1 month

87) Run.A.5K..................

88) Find an awesome clean bread recipe


For me:

89) Plant a garden

90) Read 15 books

91) Wine pair meals for 1 week

92) Become a wine club member again

93) Build a snowman

94) Attend CRHP

95) Plant citrus or mango tree

96) Send birthday cards on birthdays

97) Say 54 day novena

98) Finish kitchen table

99) Swim with a dolphin

100) Scrapbook our wedding

101) Put $10 in savings every time one thing is accomplished